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Rock the Aisle! Choose Unique Music for Your Wedding Entertainment

Jared playing Violin

The one thing I hear most from my couples is that they want their wedding to be "THE" party of the year and they can't wait for all the fun dance floor photos. In order for that to happen though, you need some rockstar entertainment at your wedding!

That's why I recommend hiring a unique entertainer in addition to your typical DJ or emcee. Someone like Jared Judge with Extreme Strings!

I have had the pleasure of working events with Jared, and I can tell you that the energy he brings to your wedding is like nothing else you have ever experienced.

Jared is a classically trained violinist who studied music education at Penn state and has even performed onstage at Carnegie Music Hall. He will wow everyone with his emotional renditions of Vivaldi or Pachelbel as you walk down the aisle, and can play a good mix of contemporary or classical pieces at your cocktail hour, but when the reception starts is where the fun really starts!

Jared will collab with your DJ and crank out songs you never thought possible on an violin.. Taylor Swift? No problem! Dr. Dre...YES! And once your guests figure out he's playing Blink 182 on his electric violin your dance floor will absolutely erupt. Jared will be out on the dance floor with you all night long to keep the party going.

So if you're wanting something totally unique for your wedding day I would highly recommend getting in touch with Jared. He is happy to travel for your big day but he only takes a limited number of events per year so reach out soon. Follow the links below to get in touch with Jared.

Jared Playing the Violin
Jared Judge Extreme Strings

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