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Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding in Colorado

Planning a wedding in the breathtaking state of Colorado can be an unforgettable experience. Whether you envision an intimate elopement with just your partner and furry friend or a grand celebration with all your loved ones, Colorado offers a perfect backdrop for your special day.

Bride and Groom
Gateway to the Rockies

Why Colorado?

Colorado is arguably the best state to get married in! Our diverse landscapes, from majestic mountains, grassy plains and our vibrant and diverse cities, provide a stunning setting for any wedding. The state's sunny weather and clear blue skies add a touch of magic to your celebration, making it truly memorable. And Colorado makes all the legalities super easy! We have photographed hundred of Colorado weddings, and we are often one of the first vendors couples book so we are more than happy to help you plan. Here's some tips to help you make your Colorado wedding dreams come true....

bride and groom in downtown Denver, Colorado
Crossing Into Our Future

Essential Tips for Your Colorado Wedding

First the Legal Stuff...

  • Colorado makes things super easy to get married. All you need is two consenting adults, photo ID and $30! You can go to any county clerks office in the state of Colorado. ( Some offices require an appointment while others allow walk-ins so it is best to call ahead).

  • You can self solemnize in the state of Colorado, which means that you sign and witness your license yourselves. If you do choose to have an officiant there are a few things to consider. Anyone can perform your ceremony, but if you would like that person to sign as the officiating party then they do need to be ordained. So if you have a friend or family member that you would like to officiate, and you want them to sign as the officiant then have them head over to the Universal Life Church and get ordained.

  • Can your dog "sign" your marriage license? That's a tough call. Denver and Arapahoe counties will no longer accept marriage licenses with paw prints on them. Other counties will tolerate it but most county clerks advise against this as any smudges can void the license. It would be best to obtain a certified copy for your fur baby to sign.

  • You have 35 days from the day you pick up your license to return it to the county clerk to be filed. You will receive it back once it has been recorded by the state. Your marriage is now legal in all 50 states.

  • If you prefer to hire an officiant scroll to the bottom for some of our favorite officiants!

Just a Few More Tips to Help Make Everything Perfect

  • Choosing the Right Season: Colorado experiences all four seasons distinctly. Sometimes we experience all four seasons in one day! Consider the weather and scenery you desire when selecting the date for your wedding or elopement. Summers are very warm...even in the mountains, and our snowiest months are March and April. But we never let a little weather get in our way... we just have to plan!

  • While we do experience all four seasons , our weather can also be wildly unpredictable at any time of the year. It is always wise to pack clothing that can be layered to adjust for our drastic temperature changes as well as quick moving storms. Our days are often warm (even in the winter!) but can get chilly in the evenings. It is essential that you prepare yourself and your out of town guests for all possibilities.

  • It is important to remember that many mountain tops and high mountain passes are closed and inaccessible from late October to late May due to heavy snow.

  • One thing our out of town guests fail to appreciate is how much altitude can affect them. Plan on giving everyone a day or two to acclimate to the altitude, especially if you plan on heading to the high country. Drink plenty of water and consider canned oxygen! Don't try to climb any fourteeners your first day here and be especially mindful of your elderly guests. Don't forget the effects of alcohol tends to be much more intense at our higher altitudes for out of towners as well so please be mindful!

  • Remember our sun is more intense here at altitude as well so pack and use plenty of sunscreen!

  • Finding the Perfect Venue: Whether you prefer a rustic barn, a luxurious resort, or a serene mountain backdrop, Colorado offers a myriad of venue options to suit your style. Colorado has a bustling wedding industry so you have plenty of options to choose from here! You can marry on top of Aspen Mountain, rent out our amazing Natural History Museum or even rent out an entire campground for the weekend. Whatever your vibe we have something to suit your tastes. If you want something a bit more intimate and closer to nature you can always have a smaller ceremony on our public lands. Many of our more popular spots such as Sapphire Point or any location within Rocky Mountain National Park will require a permit through the appropriate agencies, and will need to be purchased up to a year in advance. Keep in mind many of our 42 state parks can also host small weddings and elopements and have views that can rival our national parks and forests!

  • Accommodations for Guests: Remember to arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests, considering the proximity to the wedding venue and local attractions. Colorado has several venues that offer onsite lodging as well as gorgeous hotels, resorts and inns to choose from. Be mindful of the distance between your lodging choices and your venue however, as we do have heavy traffic along all of our major highways and weather events can shut down highways. It can also be difficult to arrange Ubers and Lyfts in our more rural areas.

  • Embrace the Outdoors: Consider outdoor activities for you and your guests, such as hiking, skiing, or exploring nearby attractions to make the most of your time in Colorado. We have something for everyone!

  • Local Vendors:  Support local vendors like us for your wedding needs to add a touch of Colorado's charm to your big day! We are Colorado natives who have spent years exploring our great state! We are always happy to help you plan, obtain permits and recommend other amazing vendors in the area.

Bride and Groom Dancing
Alpine Grooves

If you're considering a destination wedding in Colorado or looking for the perfect venue, reach out to us for expert guidance and personalized recommendations. Let's make your dream wedding a reality!

Our Favorite Officiants:

Rev. Sam Lopez and his Team at Amazing Colorado Weddings and Ceremonies

Love Is Love Officiant Services

Clerk and Recorders in Some of Colorado's Most Popular Wedding Destinations

Summit County Clerk and Recorder

Eagle County Clerk and Recorder

Larimer County Clerk and Recorder

Boulder County Clerk and Recorder

Grand County Clerk and Recorder

Denver County Clerk and Recorder

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder

Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder

Douglas County Clerk and Recorder

National Park Service and Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado State Parks

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